Welcome to Yorkshire Tiger

Welcome to Yorkshire Tiger, we’re a West Yorkshire bus company that run dependable, value-for-money inter-urban, town and rural bus services to get you to work, to the shops, to the stations or just out and about.

Our orange buses feature our rather stylish, cheeky tiger stripes livery, and our professional drivers will greet you with a warm welcome.

The map on the right shows the main towns and villages our buses serve in West Yorkshire.

Our refreshed website will launch in 2016 so keep coming back to see it happen!

We want to know your views on our Waterloo network of services (services 80, 81, 82, 83, 83A, 84, 84A, 231, 232, 241 and 262). We’re working with Metro to hear your views and to see what we could do better at and what we do well that we could do more of. We want to know when and where you travel to, and when and where you’d like to travel to. Any network changes are likely to take place in either May or July 2016 so your views are important to us in shaping the future network. Please head to Metro’s webpage at www.wymetro.com/busreview/80-84/ for more details and to send us your views.

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